The Top 7 Reasons to Visit Japan

Tourists were asked why they visited Japan. Is your reason on the list?

1. Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

Japan is famous for its cool, modern creations stemming from its ancient culture. Japan's traditions have a strong aesthetic sense nurtured though the country's long history.

2. World-Class Hospitality and Service

Japan is known as a country of courtesy and hospitality, and most visitors can't wait to come back. And, in Japan, tipping isn't a custom – all you need to do is smile!

3. Super Safe and Squeaky Clean

Japan has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. You'll be safe and comfortable walking the streets (and you won't step on any litter, either)!

4. Foodie Paradise

Known as a country of gastronomy, you can indulge your palate with a choice of high-quality cuisines, from cheap and casual to upscale and luxurious, on a diverse collection of menus. Yum!

5. Weak Yen against the US Dollar

Japan's "weak yen" means more affordable travel and reduced costs for US visitors. Seize this unique chance to visit highly desirable Japan for a low, low price!

6. A Wide Range of Climates in a Single Country

Japan's islands stretch from snowy Hokkaido to spectacular Okinawan beaches, and with four distinct seasons and diverse climates, every visit to Japan offers a new variety of attractions - cherry blossoms, colorful foliage, ski resorts, hot springs, mountain hiking, crystal clear waters, and much more!

7. Cutting-Edge High Tech Wonders

To experience Japan's world-leading, cutting-edge technology firsthand, take a trip along Japan's clean, fast, and sophisticated railroad network (including the popular Shinkansen bullet train) which is punctual to the second!

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