Japan as the Ultimate Honeymoon Destination

Wedding Couples Interview

Delta, Watabe 	Wedding, Hotel New Otani

The first place winners of the Japanese Wedding Kimono Contest last year were awarded with a romantic getaway to Japan. Find out how their exciting trip went below!

Q. How was your wedding kimono try-on experience at Japan Week 2015?

A. Eden- "I absolutely loved it! I am always interested in learning about other cultures so to have this experience was a personal type of gift to me, I'll remember that forever."

Matt- "The kimono experience was amazing!! It came to me as a surprise since my wife kept our status as finalists a secret from me. It was unlike anything I have ever done before which was really cool!"


Q. What was most interesting about the try-on experience?

A. Eden- "I never knew the great amounts of complex layering that went into wearing a wedding kimono! My favorite part was learning about the fashion and all the different pieces and accessories that went into the bride’s kimono. "

Matt- "I loved how there is so much detail that goes into putting on a wedding kimono. From the white leggings all the way to the fan that gets put in my belt. I was able to get a feel for what it would be like to be married in the traditional Japanese setting."

Q. Where did you go during your stay in Japan?

A. "We traveled to many places; learning about the culture and history of Japan. We started our travels in Tokyo where we arrived then headed to Hakone, Kyoto, Wakayama, Nara, Osaka, and lastly to Hiroshima over a span of 21 days."

Q. Do you think it was a right choice for you to choose Japan as your honeymoon destination?

A. "We wouldn't trade our honeymoon destination for any other place in the world, there's just no comparison. It will definitely be an adventure we will never forget. Yes, we were constantly on our feet, it wasn't the "sit on the beach" type of honeymoon, but that's exactly why we loved it!"

Q. Can you briefly describe your impression of each city you visited?

A. "Each city we visited was different from the last. Everywhere we went gave us another unique view of Japan. We explored everything from the country to the city and we loved it! Tokyo is such a unique city, there were many different areas to visit that each pertained to something different such as, technology, fashion, etc., just like NYC; it definitely felt the closest to home for us. Hakone is what we would consider the country. It is surrounded by nature and was just so tranquil. Kyoto definitely gave us the impression of "the old city", that is where we learned the most about Japanese culture and traditions.

Wakayama was something we never experienced before; we experienced Buddhist cuisine, traditions, and morning prayers together with the monks. We loved the deer roaming freely around Nara, it was so much fun being around them. It was also amazing to see the big Buddha in Todaiji Temple. Osaka was a brief stay, but was beautiful, we made a pit stop at Universal Studios. Hiroshima was very eye-opening, we were able to walk the grounds of a major part of history. "

Q. What was your most favorite or memorable experience in Japan?

A. "That's so hard to choose because we had so many! One of our most favorite memories would have to be how Matt's feet couldn't fit in any of the slippers!"


Q. Which city or area did you find most romantic?

A. "Hakone was very romantic, we enjoyed the hot springs there and we definitely spent a lot of time just relaxing and appreciating being away together."

Q. Do you recommend other couples to visit Japan as their honeymoon destination? If yes, why?

A. "Definitely, YES! This is the perfect country to have it all. In 21 days we had adventures, laughter, relaxation, and our relationship just grew stronger. We wouldn't trade it for the world!"